Can I Sue The City For A Los Angeles MTA Bus Accident? – 2020 Guide

As per California’s common carrier law, the companies offering bus transportation services such as the Los Angeles MTA Bus Service are required to follow strict regulations for passenger safety. It is mandatory for the drivers to complete proper training in handling the vehicle to ensure safe and risk-free transportation. It is essential that the drivers […]

Accident Cars

Car Accidents Caused by Cell Phone Use

Cars are the most common and most popular type of transportation for people and goods all over the world. It is the most efficient way of traveling and it might not be as fast as airplanes were trains, but it is fast enough. The fuel is also inexpensive, vehicles are affordable to the average person […]

Accident Cars

Road Accident Statistics In Ohio

Currently, there are about 113 000 miles of road in the state of Ohio, and about 10,500,000 cars and other wheeled vehicles travel along these roads all day long. This road stretch already includes the Lincoln Highway, which is the first east-west road to cross America. It prominently traverses across Ohio and links many towns […]