Physical Damage Insurance Protects Vehicles and Not People

Whether looking to insure a privately-owned vehicle or a fleet of vehicles used for commercial purposes, a good insurance policy can help ensure they will be protected and repaired or replaced if damaged or totaled due to a covered peril. Physical damage insurance offers comprehensive insurance for vehicles and helps keep costs low for car […]


What Is SR-50 Insurance?

An African adage will say, “ Practices of a particular State is another State’s taboo”. That is the case of the SR-50 car insurance. The straightforward definition of the SR-50 is; a special delicate proof of coverage, in the form of a document that is issued by BMV (The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles) of […]


These Factors Could Be Increasing Your Car Insurance Premiums

The realm of car insurance is one that few people are comfortable with. It is a subject matter that is complicated and the processes that govern it are antiquated. In fact, it is one of the most unchanging industries in any market. While car insurance is a measure that is meant to help protect your […]


How Formula 1 Drivers Need Insurance Just Like Regular Ones

A car insurance is a mandatory requirement for car drivers, and those who drive Formula 1 cars are not exempted from this. Even though they are part of a prestigious racing organization and are sponsored by major car manufacturers and corporations, it isn’t a guarantee for them that they will always be covered when they […]